Get to know SKIN1004

SkinTalks -January 31, 2024

We at KS had the privilege to meet with one of our most sought after brands. Without further ado, let’s dive into the world of SKIN1004, an award-winning and natural skincare brand from South Korea. You've probably spotted their iconic Centella line on Instagram, TikTok, and basically every other cool platform out there. Seriously, who isn't obsessed with this K-beauty powerhouse? 

Get to know SKIN1004

Rose and Charlie flew all the way from South Korea to The Netherlands, and it was amazing to hear them speak with so much passion about SKIN1004. Rose is account manager and makes sure that all B2B sales run smoothly while Charlie focuses on the European market and is Key Account Manager at SKIN1004.

What does SKIN1004 mean?

We’re absolute beauty geeks, so we’re always curious to know the story behind a brand and especially the name. So we of course had to ask the team, can you elaborate more on the name? You’re probably wondering how to pronounce SKIN1004 correctly, and we have the answer! It’s Skin-one-o-o-four and it has a pretty cool meaning! Rose and Charlie explained that when you pronounce 1004 in Korean, it sounds the same way as the word Angel. 천사 or Cheon-Sa to be exact. So the translation is in fact, Skin Angel!

How would you describe your brand to SKIN1004 newbies?

“We believe that whatever touches the skin, must be clean. And with that, the ingredient is the utmost priority. We wanted to find the best ingredient that can be suitable for everyone. An ingredient that is mild and gentle, so that everyone can use it every day.”

That’s where Centella Asiatica comes in! Rose and Charlie explain that the SKIN1004 Centella originates from the untouched nature of Madagascar. Which is one of the world's finest Centella, wow! And the best part? All of their products are infused with this high quality Centella extract.

Could you explain more about the benefits of Centella and why it's sourced from Madagascar? 

“Certainly! Centella proves to be effective in soothing and repairing the skin, while also being anti-inflammatory. It’s a wonderful ingredient for the skin! We source it from various countries in Southeast Asia, with a special emphasis on Madagascar. This unpolluted environment with fewer inhabitants, shows that their Centella has 7 times more active ingredients than other sources.”

We couldn’t help but notice your beautiful packaging! Can you tell us more about the story behind it?

“We really care about what people are putting on their face, and we believe we are a company with a genuine brand story. We carefully selected the finest raw ingredients to deliver you the untouched nature to your skin.”

SKIN1004 did a thorough exploration to find the best ingredients that originate from clean nature. They went on a long journey to find ‘The Untouched Nature’, which led them to Madagascar (the oldest island on Earth!). The packaging totally reflects this beautiful discovery, destination, and we can spoil the following: these products will look absolutely gorgeous on your shelfie!

Could you recommend which lines are good for each skin type?

They explain that SKIN1004 has 6 different lines catering to 6 different skin types:

Normal skin: Centella line
Dry skin: Hyalu-Cica, Probio-Cica line
Oily skin: Poremizing line
Acne-prone skin: Tea-Trica line
Combination skin: Centella line on dry parts, Tea-Trica and Poremizing on other parts
Sensitive skin: Centella line, Probio-Cica line

Lastly, what is your favorite product of SKIN1004?

Rose: “That would be the Centella Cleansing Oil because cleansing is really important for me.”

Charlie: “My favorite product is Probi-cica toner. I’ve already used 4 bottles.”

Meet the newness: Probio-Cica Line

Get ready to upgrade your winter skincare game with the SKIN1004's new Probio-Cica line – the ultimate trio for a cold-weather glow-up! Featuring fermented Centella and TECA, this dynamic threesome includes a hydrating toner, a probiotic-packed ampoule, and a luxe cream moisturizer. Probiotics have a beneficial effect on softening the skin texture, as well as healing and anti-inflammatory effects. This line is on a mission to do more than just repair – it's here to fortify and empower your skin barrier, leaving you with a complexion that radiates hydration, velvety smoothness, and a healthy, luminous glow. Say goodbye to winter skin blues and hello to healthy skin!

Discover the real beauty of your skin with SKIN1004!

Long story short, we love everything about SKIN1004, but especially their genuine brand story. They really care what people are putting on their faces and it shows! We hope you enjoyed reading this SkinTalks about SKIN1004, and we’re super excited to watch the next moves of this amazing K-beauty brand. Until next time!

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Get to know SKIN1004
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